My dad was mowing strangers' lawns on the day that he died. He woke before sunrise - the habit of a blue collar lifetime - with his schedule for the day written out on a piece of college-ruled paper, copied from the app where homeowners booked him for reasonably priced lawn…
Yes, this is exactly what you think it is
TW: domestic abuse Even if you are not regularly on social media it will have been difficult avoid hearing about the Depp/Heard defamation hearing…
"I just accepted that as a part of my life, accepted that forever I would always be a little in the place that I was not.." Spalding Gray
Some of my regulars, the couple with early dementia, have a crime fiction and thriller library of frankly mind-boggling size. It’s larger than some…
This is another part where I have to admit I’m bad at telling a chronological story. So, the first time I went to Florida after Dad died, we got a…
I live in the hills behind a former company town. A two-lane county highway that bisects the village in the valley below us is lined with batt-and-board…
I arrived at the address given to me by the cleaning app, guided there by Google Maps which signs me in on arrival. There's a locked gate. I check the…
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